Welcome to our neck of the woods
The Adventure begins, the future is bright, the bucks are big, and the Dreams bigger- The Larson's. 
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Who We Are
Field of dreams tv was created in 2009 When Brent Larson, and his wife Nicole- who already enjoyed filming their hunts, decided it was time to share their adventures with the world. 
Brent is no stranger to outdoor TV- he's been filming for nearly twenty years. He has amazing video and photography skills and it shows in his Work.
Nicole has been filming since she was out of high school, with a passion for wildlife art and hunting- she decided to take her passion to the next level and capture it all of film. 
Together, Brent and Nicole are an unstoppable team, with dreams as high as the sky and drive beyond what it takes to go places- and just like the next guy they truly enjoy making a living by doing what they love. 
In this crazy world of high dollar hunting and outfitters everywhere, Brent and Nicole like to keep it real and can get it done on public land as well as some small private tracts they have gained permission on, by knocking on a few doors.  Brent and Nicole have, and will hunt with outfitters, but only ones they believe will offer the best opportunity for the average hunter. 
The truth is not everybody can afford to hunt such places and so its nice to learn that there are still ways to get out there and enjoy quality hunting, wether it be with a new friend or an old neighbor- Brent and Nicole are the first ones to stand up to the test of DIY hunting and finding their own spots. Learn about the ups and downs, the highs and lows- take it all in. Its real, its life and hunting. Follow the Larson's on their journey.  
  1. 2015 Field Of Dreams TV Promo reel
    the trailer that shows it all, its who we are, and its what we love!
  2. Spring Fever in Kansas
    Brent and Nicole Head to kansas in search of some giant long beards on public land
  3. Salmon Fishing with Kinns Sportfishing!
    Join Brent and Nicole as they head to Winthrop Harbor IL to chase some big salmon with Kinns sportfishing